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InfoGate_L2 Server Term Agreement of Donation System

Lineage II InfoGate_L2 Donation System:
Terms of Agreement

    Lineage II InfoGate_L2 is a private, completely free to play server. Donation is voluntary action from private organizations, individuals or others to Lineage II InfoGate_L2 Server. The term donation is used interchangeably with the term gift throughout this document. Making a donation you unconditionally agree that you are not entitled to receive any compensation instead of the donation you made.
    Making a donation you are rewarded with a virtual gift and not any physical acquisitions. By submitting any tipe of financial unit to our server you unconditionally agree you are not entitle to receive anything from Lineage II InfoGate_L2 Server. The donation form is fully voluntary act for the improvement of the Lineage II InfoGate_L2 Server. Rewards are given only as token of appreciation to those who have donated to our server.

        Making a donation you instantly agree that:

        1. You accept that Lineage II InfoGate_L2 Server does not sell any physical acquisitions
             or services related to Lineage 2 game.
        2. All donations are final and cannot be recalled.
        3. If your account is terminated for any reason, you are not entitled to a reimbursement.
        4. Donation gifts will not be replaced if lost or stolen in game process.
        5. Lineage II InfoGate_L2 reserves the right to modify this agreement without prior notice.
        6. You accept and totally understand that this server is provided free and you don't have to pay in order to play.

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