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86% Enchant Rate

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Freya Chronicle

Freya is a new raid boss for Lineage II. According to lore, Freya used to be a kind princess named Felicia. Her political enemies betrayed her, and in an attempt to kill her, she was transformed into Ice Queen Freya instead. Her loyal servant, Sirra, was transformed into Ice Fairy Sirra. Freya disappeared for years, during which time Ice Fairy Sirra ruled over the Frozen Labyrinth. Now that Freya has returned to power, Sirra is no longer a raid boss in Lineage II


We use a highly modified Freya L2J pack that is unique. Here you will find one of the most stable, older and reliable server. Play and enjoy the game with your friends using all the provided tools such as "Deck" that gives you a different game style. Explore new areas level up and enchant fast so that you can focus on epic PVP.


InfoGate_L2 Team

Features and more

Focus on PVP have fun and forget time consuming level up 

Check out some awesome features that will give you a good reason to start playing  InfoGate_L2 and ask your friends to come and become one of the best now...

High Rates

Server is based on PVP style so our main rates are really high. Experience rate is x4000, Skill points rate is x4000 and adena rate is at X8000.

Auto Loot

When you kill a mob the drop doesn't go to the floor, just simply go the player inventory. That is a good way to keep the server clean from those drops who never got picked like useless recipes and arrows

Autolearn Skills

Don't bother with complicated quests to learn skills. All skills are autolearned and autoadded

Weight Limit

There is no weight limit. You can equip unlimited items and have even more to your inventory


Class Master Npc is used to be able to change player occupation. You can handle classmasters remotely ovel levels 20/40/76

Auto SubClass

No need to complete quests or check for unique items to add sub-classes.  

Buffs & Songs

Maximum number of buffs is 36 and debuffs are 16

Safe enchant

You can easily enchant your weapon and armor with 100% success to +14. Enchanting to maximum +135 is very easy with 86% success rate.


Geodata full supported and enabed